Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day Six...

Day 6 is 20 of my favorite no particular order. {this one is kind of hard!}

1. My children { I know they aren't things but they are the center of all that I do}

2. My husband { not a thing but well you know }

3. Music {especially Country and Reba being my absolute favorite!} I do love all genres of music though.

Music speaks; Pictures, Images and Photos

4. I love movies {mostly romantic comedies & action and of course a straight comedy ~ there's nothin' better!}

movies Pictures, Images and Photos

5. Blogging/Facebook/Twitter

Blogging Pictures, Images and Photos

6. Dr. Pepper

awww Pictures, Images and Photos

7. Chocolate {especially cakey stuff like Brownies}

brownies Pictures, Images and Photos

8. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Reese's peanut butter cups Pictures, Images and Photos

9. Spending time with family

10. Road Trips

11. Sight seeing

12. Taking Pictures {not getting my picture taken but me behind the camera}

13. Learning New Things

14. The Radio Biz

15. DVR {best invention EVER!}

16. Watching Crime Shows & Sitcoms

17. Going to Concerts { haven't been to one since right after my 5 year old was born! Starting to have Thanks to my Sister in Law we will be going to see 2 in the near future} 

18. Scrapbooking { with paper & digitally}

19. Writing { or at least trying to}

20. Just being creative { I should say attempting to be }


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